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Elizabeth Chambers

We were recently very pleased to be sent this photograph by Richard Billings who has been researching his family tree. He believed the photograph was of Elizabeth Chambers (nee Hodgkinson), the grandmother of Jessie Chambers, who was his great great great grandmother. The photograph shows Elizabeth outside the shop she owned with Jonathon (Pawny) Chambers in the Breach, Eastwood.

Carol Mills has been researching the Chambers family on behalf of the society. She thinks that the clothing indicates the photograph as being late nineteenth century when Elizabeth would have been about seventy and so is certain that it must be her. Carol remembers going to the shop in the early 1960s before all the new houses were built on Greenhills Road and believes this building has survived.

If you have any photographs or possible links with the Chambers family which you would like to investigate, please get in touch.

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